Our philosophy makes all the difference...

Alaska Financial Network Corp. is changing the way credit card processing companies do business.  We take a long term, customer-focused approach to building our business one merchant account at a time.  Many of our competitors focus their sales efforts on high-priced products and services. This provides high commissions for sales people but is not in the best interest of you, the merchant. This approach does not reward those same people for taking care of the customer after merchant accounts are established. The compensation plan for our Professionals is tied directly to the longevity of the merchant account. This simple distinction is vitally important to you as a merchant. Our company and sales force can only increase and prosper by steady growth that simultaneously preserves the current customer base. In simple terms, Alaska Financial Network Corp. and its Professionals are paid on how well you are taken care of after you become one of our valued customers.  It is important to note that if we can help your business be more successful at generating revenue, we are simultaneously satisfying our own desire for growth. By aligning our goals with your business goals in this way we produce an atmosphere that lends itself to a high degree of customer care.

Our program also ensures that we attract top quality, customer-oriented individuals who can commit to our long term goals of building a loyal and satisfied merchant account base. We do not appeal to fly by night, get rich quick, say anything to get a sale type of people.

Commitment comes easy when you believe in what it is you are doing. Alaska Financial Network Corp. can lower your costs of doing business and directly improve your bottom line by hundreds, or in most cases thousands, of dollars every year.

We are committed to earning your business through straight talk and fair competitive pricing. We are committed to retaining your business by doing what we say, keeping your costs low, and setting high standards for customer care.

We invite you to invest in our way of doing business. When you partner with another company and use their services you are investing in their way of doing business. Why reward the merchant services companies with business models that only serve their own selfish interests? Alaska Financial Network Corp. is offering you an alternative - it’s an invitation to allow us to make your business our first and biggest priority.

We are hoping that you will become one of our valued customers!
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Alaska Financial Network Corp. 
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