Over 10 years of experience has created a deep understanding of merchants with special payment acceptance situations.

We believe every legal business should have the ability to accept credit cards and we prove it every time we provide solutions for businesses that others turn down.

With our network of domestic, offshore and international aquiring banks we can ensure that no legitimate business is turned down.

Many of Alaska's travel and tourism businesses are considered higher risk merchant accounts because of cancellation rates due to inclimate weather, travel delays, etc. Situations beyond the merchant's control can lead to customer chargebacks.  Other credit card processors do not understand the unique situations that these types of businesses find themselves in and therefore turn legitimate businesses away. 

Here are some common reasons businesses are considered high risk:
> A start-up business with little or no credit card processing history
> Poor credit rating, history of bankruptcy.
> An industry with a high chargeback ratio (such as travel)
> High average ticket amount (such as airline tickets)
> Subscription-based products of services (online dating, magazines)
> History of merchant account terminated by a bank

Alaska Finacial has the ability to service any legal business type, however we have made a concsious decision to stay away from some adult types of businesses including those distributing pornographic material.  Here is a list of some of the business types we will work with:

    Auto & Car Rental
    Pawn Shops
    Furniture Stores
    Gun & Firearm Shops
    Used Auto Sales
    Bail Bondsmen
    Check Cashing Services
    Collections Agencies
    Detective & PI Services
    Door-to-Door Sales
    Ecommerce & Downloading Software
    Insurance Products
    Investment Opportunities
    Installment Loans
    Mortgage Services
    MLM Multilevel Marketing
    Outbound/Inbound Telemarketing
    Marijuana dispensaries

If your business needs a high risk merchant account contact us a call to discuss possible solutions.
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